Rubenfeld Synergy Method - Listening to the wisdom of the body

healing For over 40 years practitioners and clients of the Rubenfeld Synergy Method® (RSM) have learned to listen to the wisdom of the body through touch and talk. A body-integrated therapy offering pathways to deep emotion, connection and self-awareness, RSM uses the power of touch to tap the inner resources necessary for improving health and wellness in all aspects of the self: mind, body, spirit and emotions. Experience how a listening hand can help you get in touch with your bodymind.

Come home to Yourself

RSM uses the body as a doorway to the self. The result of this gentle interactive process offers you the release of stress and tension and an empowered sense of emotional and physical well-being.

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What others say about Lori

"Lori is amazing as a guide on my journey. There is an innate trust of her, sharing, mirroring and showing me how to use my own past experiences to help me help myself. Her energy is dynamic and comforting."

S.D., Former Client

Rubenfeld Synergy principles

Each individual is unique: Rubenfeld Synergists approach clients and their sessions with this principle of honoring their uniqueness.

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